Cuba, the island we fell for!

Cuba, the largest Island in the Caribbean and one of the earth’s most beautiful places! 

Here’s a shot from last year I took.

From classic cars to beautiful people to a history time caught in the 50’s and ruled by Communism, this country has so much to offer to its travellers. 
We first enjoyed this amazing island in 2014 while awaiting our baby girl. We stayed at the Husa (now known as Starfish) resort on Cayo Santa Maria and the experience was superb. It was an instant feeling of home…
Now when you hear of Cuba in a conversation surrounding travel there are a few things you will hear. Some will discuss politics regarding its communism, some will discuss the food and why you shouldn’t go because of it and some, those of us who’ve gone for the right reasons, will tell you about the amazing people, the world class beaches and the food that’s as good as you or I can make in our own kitchens (unless you are Jamie Oliver or someone like him). 

You don’t go to Cuba for the food, hell, in my opinion travelling isn’t always about the food, unless that is the purpose of your travel. Heading to France or Italy on a food tour – yeah, that makes sense. You go to places like this to create memories, enjoy an amazing culture, rich with beautiful architecture, agriculture and history

We loved it so much we went back less than a year later and this time we choose the Melia Las Dunas – we thought we fell in love the first time – wow! We’ve never looked back. Round 2, 3 and now 4 have all been here (If you’d like to know more about it and why we feel it’s SO amazing, click HERE for our trip advisor review).

As I sit here writing, this is what my view is…

The pile of packing has begun. Now as of late, we’ve become light packers; carry-on only type travelling. However, when it comes to Cuba, we bring four loaded suitcases and carry-on bags with or stuff and gifts for whomever we meet. 

We’ve made so many friends and have so many contacts now that we have the ability to meet up, find those in need and give back where we can. It’s our small way of giving back to this beautiful island. 

This trip, we are planning to take in a legit Cuban national playoff baseball game on Jan 9th!!! Ciego de Avila vs Villa Clara 🙂 

Ethan, being a ball player and a family that has baseball running deep in its veins (Toronto Blue Jay fans), this is going to be EPIC! 

We are also meeting up with a local pastor to distribute a suitcase or two of stuff for children, women and everything in between. This is exciting because it’s yet another friend and contact in this beautiful country. This is why we travel!

It’s been my hope and dream for four trips now to somehow make it to Havana – it’s not looking like that will happen this time, however, my time will come where I can sip a daiquiri on a bar stool at the old Floridita that Mr. Ernest Hemmingway wrote about in Island’s in the Stream. Take a ride in a classic car or see where history books discuss the important events of the 20th century. 

Cuba is a paradise, easily accessible to the world and even more so with the recent embargo situation. That said, What truly makes Cuba is its history and its people – please don’t go there to be served or to bring your countries views or politics – go to learn and experience and fall in love with the amazing and beautiful island of Cuba! Haven’t been yet, message me and I’ll help you plan your first trip – no cost, no strings! You won’t regret it. 

So, with great excitement, we look forward to blogging from Cuba. It is quite choppy there with the internet so it may not get uploaded until after the 14th – stay tuned for daily excerpts from our family adventure to Cuba!!! 

A shot from last years trip and the remaining countdown time until we leave! 

Safe Travels,

The Antle Family


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