The first blog…

Is anyone else as confused as I am with starting out as a blogger? What do I use, how do I set it up, who should host it, you can make money doing this?? (Be careful of the “hey sign up here for $1 and live like a rockstar tomorrow type folks”)

It’s a bit daunting to say the least, however, like everything in life, with enough practice and help – it will make sense soon enough – RIGHT?! Our goal is to share and learn and hopefully give a few tips from or experiences.

One thing’s for sure, after travelling to 20+ countries with a possible 2 more to add to that list this year, between Tara and I and the kids, we wanted to start sharing our adventures with people.

As a family of four, we travel together most of the time and occasionally Tara and I take off on our own adventure. The thing is, travelling today is so different than it used to be and on top of that, add two kids under the age of 6 into the mix and it makes for some interesting adventures lol!

Our intention with this blog is to just share; share the good, bad and the ugly of travelling in general but also with children. Help you learn from our mistakes and from our triumphs, as world travellers.

Thats it, that’s the first blog – not too long and not too short, but enough to hopefully snag your attention 😉

Safe Travels,

The Antle Family

p.s. Check out our Facebook page and our Twitter Page and follow along there as well. We do more ‘on the go’ things there.


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